Oceans 2019 was a non-profit day festival bringing together global conservation organisations, artists, divers, surfers, educators, families, scientists and YOU to celebrate our blue planet!

With expert guest speakers, workshops and a VR experience, Oceans 2019 provides a platform to encourage collaboration, positivity and active participation in ocean conservation.

TOP TIP: We want this event to be as zero-waste as possible so please remember your reusable water bottle, coffee cup, container and cutlery for lunch!

This year we have an evening music event that is free for all ticket holders! Come to socialise, share stories and boogie with your new ocean friends ?


Lizzie Daly
Wildlife Presenter for BBC Earth

Bex Carter
The Manta Trust

Libby Bowles
Tread Lighter

Andy Reid
Fins Attached & SharkWater Extinction

Laura-Lisa Hellwig

Rachel Knott
The Wave Project

15 year olds Connor, Tom and Freya
Action for Conservation

Nicola Bassett
Blue Ventures

Shane Wasik
Basking Shark Scotland

Matt Brierley
Wildlife Filmmaker

Stav Friedman
The Wondering Wandering Woman


Sharks 4 Kids • The Environmental Education Project • Extinction Rebellion (XR) • Media by Mads • Michelle Cassar, Author and Plastic Campaigner • Sarina Saddiq, Artist


WWF • Whale and Dolphin Conservation • Greenpeace • Marine Conservation Society • Zero Green • City to Sea • Blue Ventures • Sharks4Kids • LAMAVE (Large Marine Vertebrates) • The Marine Diaries • Manta Trust • Basking Shark Scotland • Michelle Cassar, Seb and Polly Planet on their Ocean Quest • Stu Mclellan Illustrator • Plymouth Beach Clean • Extinction Rebellion (XR) • Surfers Against Sewage • Earth Protectors • The Bristol Gulls • Scott Luis Masson

VIRTUAL REALITY (Booking required!) ?

VR experience from Limina featuring 2 short films:

VALEN’S REEF: AN UNPRECEDENTED SUCCESS STORY: Despite only being the size of G​reat Britain, this unique area in Raja Ampat holds more species of fish than the entire Great Barrier Reef and more species of coral than the Caribbean Sea.

700 SHARKS: a VR dive in the water of a tiny atoll in Polynesia, where the world’s largest shark pack are hunting during the night. Being among 700 sharks, with all sense on alert, is an experience of rare intensity.

This ticket is only available for 13 years+

After Party ?

All ticket-holders over 18 years old come and join us at Mr Wolfs from 9pm onwards to soak up the good vibes from the day and listen to some awesome music:
Soda Cat (prog/jazz/rock/funk!) London based jazz/funk band starting the night right.
The Fowlers (funk fusion) Bristol based funk/soul band with vibes galore.
The Majestic (reggae) London based roots reggae/ska band will be headlining the night and guarantee to get you jumping!


Day festival – Clifton High School

Social and Music – Mr Wolfs