Heading for Extinction and what to do about it

Time: 15:30 - 16:30

Location: Upstairs Classroom, Clifton High School

Speaker: Leo from XR


In this public talk, climate speakers from Extinction Rebellion will share the latest climate science on where our planet is heading, discuss some of the current psychology around climate change, and offer solutions through the study of social movements. Recommended age: 16+

The Wondering Wandering Woman

Time: Performing between talks!

Location: Rose Theatre, Clifton High School

Speaker: Stav Friedman


Stav has been travelling the world working in marine conservation and education for over a decade. Last year, she moved to London to pursue a Master's in Climate Change; she has used poetry as an expressive outlet for complex issues since she was a child. More of her work can be found on Instagram @stavfree or her blog, The Wondering Wandering Woman

SharkWater Extinction and Rob Stewart’s legacy

Time: 16:00 - 16:45

Location: Rose Theatre, Clifton High School

Speaker: Andy Reid, Fins Attached & SharkWater Extinction


Andy explores sharks' importance to ecosystems and humankind's mass destruction of shark species worldwide. See exclusive clips from the new documentary Sharkwater Extinction made by the recently deceased filmmaker Rob Stewart, who dedicated his life to exposing the illegal fishing industry that threatens the survival of our world's sharks.

Tread Lighter; creating real life superheroes!

Time: 15:00 - 15:20

Location: Rose Theatre, Clifton High School

Speaker: Libby Bowles, Tread Lighter


Let's meet the coolest creatures of the deep; the worlds largest fish, rays and turtles. We'll take a quick look at what ocean plastic pollution is out there and how it affects ocean wildlife. Most importantly we'll generate solutions; actions we can take in our every day lives to help. It's not too late, there is hope and we can make a difference.

The Girl and the Giant Jellyfish

Time: 12:30 - 13:15

Location: Rose Theatre, Clifton High School

Speaker: Lizzie Daly, Wildlife biologist and presenter


Join Lizzie Daly for a talk about Wild Ocean Week which ended up with a surprise encounter with a giant jellyfish that went viral across the world. Lizzie will talk about the importance of the her event, why she wants to celebrate and inspire so many about the UK’s marine life and ofcourse what happened after she saw the giant jellyfish.

Seb and Polly Planet on their Ocean Quest

Time: 13:00 - 13:45

Location: Upstairs Classroom, Clifton High School

Workshop lead: Michelle Cassar, Author and plastic campaigner


This is your chance to hear some of this inspiring childrens book and meet Polly Planet face to face!

Natural Spark: Wild Marine Artefacts

Time: 12:00 - 12:45

Location: Upstairs Classroom if bad weather. Sunken Courtyard if weather is good. Clifton High School.

Workshop lead: The Environmental Education Project


Drop in session: explore some fascinating ocean artefacts collected from across the globe!

Sharks 4 Kids

Time: 11:00 - 11:45

Location: Upstairs Classroom, Clifton High School

Workshop lead: Sharks 4 Kids


This is a workshop to introduce young people to sharks and learn more about their ecology, how we study them, the threats they face and what kids can do to help.

Storytelling for the Sea

Time: 11:00 - 11:45

Location: Rose Theatre, Clifton High School

Speaker: Nicola Bassett, Blue Ventures


A UK premier: telling the personal stories of communities on the front line of fisheries collapse in Madagascar